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A quick guide in what to look for when buying an Ottoman Bed.


What is an Ottoman Storage Bed?

Ottoman beds could be a great choice if you want a bed with storage. They are available in a range of colours and designs, and now they are available in TV Beds. With an Ottoman Bed, you can lift the base and mattress either from the side or foot end depending on the model you choose. They usually have gas-lift pistons to make lifting and gaining access to the storage easy.

Perfect for holding spare bed sheets, clothing, shoes, and more, upon pushing down on the base, your items are sealed out of sight and will remain clean.

What is the difference with the bases?

There are a range of different Ottoman bed frames on the market and they will all include one of two types of bases: The Slatted Base or the Solid Base.

Each type has its own benefit and although both options are designed to be equally as strong and supportive whilst you sleep, it really does come down to preference. 

Slatted Base (Sprung Slats) -  The sprung slats in Ottoman Beds are usually made out of pine timbers and are curved in an arched shape. This is to better absorb shock, although it gives you a slightly less firm feel underneath your mattress. It does however give a better airflow which will keep you cool. 

Solid Base - Similar to a divan bed, the solid base or platform base offers a smooth, flat surface on which to place your mattress. The solid base provides a firmer feel and provides all over support, so we would recommend taking in to account the firmness of your mattress with this option.

Are they safe?

As the ottoman bed is designed to change position during use, gas struts (pistons) ensure that the top does not fall down or jump up too quickly. This system also provides safe access to the storage compartments, so you can open and close with ease and safely.

If you choose a solid base top ottoman bed, then it will come with a non-slip top to keep your mattress in place. The struts on the bed frame handle weight of your mattress so you do not have to worry about lifting both when gaining access to your belonging. 

When shopping around, we would recommend asking what weight the pistons on the bed frame can hold, this can determine which mattress you can sometimes have. 


As described an Ottoman Bed frame is a great addition to any bedroom. The option of being able to hide away your belonging or simple store extra is a feature we just love.  Here are TV Beds Northwest, we have a range of handmade, high quality Ottoman beds from Kaydian Design and Sweet Dreams on our website.

We have also just launched our own exclusive TV Bed with an Ottoman base "The Titan". This is available in Slate or Marbella Grey and can be seen in our showroom. For more information do not hesitate to contact us on 0161 8794733 or through the chat now. 


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