Why Choose TV Beds Northwest?

Right now there are so many companies selling TV beds, each one claiming to have handcrafted, and high-quality products.

So how do you the customer choose which one to go for and why should you choose TV Beds Northwest for your next purchase?

Thinking hard about this question, we decided there were 7 factors that separate us from the typical bed store.

Follow the TV Bed Frame Journey - From the factory to your home with TV Beds Northwest Ltd

TVBNW can guarantee that our TV / Tech beds are made to the highest standards and with the best service available in the industry. All pictures were taken directly at the BSSB factory.

  • High Quality Materials

    All bed frames from BSSB / Kaydian Design are built from solid wood and upholstered with the highest quality certified materials.

  • Handmade Craftsmanship

    When we say it, we mean it! The TV beds from BSSB are all handcrafted, which means that attention to detail has been applied at each step of the way.

  • Quality Controlled

    The quality and workmanship of each TV Bed is carefully checked throughout its manufacturing process before it is packaged for shipment.

  • From the factory to TVBNW

    Since we ship all of our TV Beds directly from the factory to our warehouse, we can be competitive with our pricing and pass the savings on to you.

  • Instock & Ready to go

    One of the best things about dealing directly with us that we are able to be honest about what we have in stock and how long it will take to deliver our pre-order TV Beds if they are placed.

  • From your Basket to Bedroom

    Upon placing your order, we will contact you to arrange delivery. We aim to deliver free within 5 business days and can provide installation services in some areas.

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