Collection: Super King Size Mattresses

Delve into a luxurious night's sleep with a Super King Size Mattresses from TV Beds Northwest. Each mattress is constructed with precision, marrying modern sleep technologies with premium materials. Our collection is extensive so whether you want a firm, medium or soft or if you sleep cold or hot we’ve got a Super King Mattress that will suit your needs. 
Our super king-size mattresses ensure durable performance, superior pressure alleviation and comprehensive body support, tailored to your comfort needs. At TV Beds Northwest, we understand that quality sleep is a cornerstone of daily life. With our super king-size mattresses, you're making a promise to yourself of consistent, restful sleep and enhanced health. Uncover the comfort that fits you perfectly and wake up refreshed with TV Beds Northwest.

Questions Customers Ask

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of mattresses do you stock at TV Beds Northwest?

We stock a variety of high-quality mattress brands including Sealy, Sleepeezee, and MLilly. Our aim is to provide a range of options to cater to everyone's comfort needs.

Do you offer specific mattresses designed for TV Beds?

A regular mattress will work on any type of bed. You will need a specific mattress for an adjustable TV bed and we have a wide selection.

What sizes of mattresses are available at TV Beds Northwest?

We cater to a variety of bed sizes, from single to super king. This makes it easy to find the perfect mattress for your bed, including TV Beds.

Can I try the mattresses before I buy them?

We understand the importance of trying a mattress before purchasing. Feel free to visit our state-of-the art showroom where our friendly team can guide you through our range and you can test out our huge range of mattresses.

Do TV beds come with a mattress?

Our TV Beds don't come with a mattress as standard but if you see something you like from our extensive range we can talk to you about a bundle deal...

How do I know if a mattress will be comfortable?

Comfort is subjective and varies for each individual. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you based on your preferred sleeping position, comfort preferences, and any specific physical needs you may have.

Not sure on sizes? Let us help.

Learn everything you need to know about UK bedframes and mattress sizes from our handy little chart.