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Are TV Beds Safe? Debunking Myths and Understanding the Facts

At TV Beds Northwest, we understand that safety is paramount when it comes to our homes, especially the sanctuary that is the bedroom. As the popularity of TV beds rises, so does a common concern: Are TV beds safe?. Now we would like to think we have answered this question before  but we think it is worth taking a moment to address this question again, separate fact from fiction, and provide you with some assurances. 

Built-In Electrical Systems: Safe by Design

The core of our TV beds is the integrated TV lift mechanism and the associated electrical components. We meticulously design these systems with safety in mind. From secure wire routing to avoid any fraying or wear, to the use of high-quality components that mitigate the risk of electrical malfunctions, we always prioritise user safety. Whats more, every TV bed we sell undergoes rigorous testing to comply with national and international safety standards.

Overheating Concerns Addressed

One potential concern with any electrical appliance is the risk of overheating. Our TV beds are crafted with ventilation in mind. The compartments that house the television are designed to ensure efficient airflow, making sure the device doesn't overheat. Plus, modern TVs, which are more energy-efficient and produce less heat than older models, are what our designs are based around.

Safe Weight Distribution and Support

The TV Beds we are proud to sell ensure that the weight of the TV and the mechanism doesn't compromise its stability. With reinforced frames and strategically positioned TV compartments, we maintain a balanced weight distribution, ruling out any tipping hazards.

Child Safety

For those with children, the TV lift mechanism (or even Ottoman mechanism) might be a concern. To address this, many of our TV beds come with safety features like a specific remote, ensuring that young ones don't accidentally activate the system.

Reducing Bedroom Clutter = Fewer Accidents

By incorporating the TV directly into the bed, there's no need for additional furniture like TV stands, which could clutter up the room. A more streamlined bedroom often results in fewer accidents, as there's less to trip over or bump into.

Quality and Certification

At TV Beds Northwest, we pride ourselves on seeking certifications for our products. Whether they relate to electrical safety, material standards, or structural integrity, these certifications offer an additional layer of trust. What’s more, we only work with trusted suppliers (like Kaydian) who rigorously test and approve their beds to the highest standards. 

TV Beds are as safe as any other bed, there are just a few more components to do deal with (and why we developed our trouble shooting guide here). With the careful design, rigorous testing, and user-focused features of our modern TV beds, TV Beds Northwest is committed to ensuring our customers sleep soundly in every sense of the word.

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