Compact Luxury: Discover the Small Double TV Bed with TV Beds Northwest - TV Beds Northwest

Compact Luxury: Discover the Small Double TV Bed with TV Beds Northwest

The fusion of comfort, entertainment, and space efficiency has made Small Double Beds an attractive piece of furniture in contemporary living. Small doubles have always been perfect for kids,  single sleepers, students and people who are constrained by space. We’ve taken all the benefits of a TV Bed over to a small double TV bed!

Small Double TV Beds are much more than a sleeping area. The inclusion of a TV at the foot of the bed creates a personal entertainment hub, transforming your bedroom into a space for relaxation and enjoyment. Imagine the luxury of watching your favourite shows from the cosy comfort of your bed at the end of a long day - it's the ultimate haven.

For children, these beds are for watching educational programmes or enjoying cartoons, or for older children, even gaming. For those living in flats, it's an opportunity to optimise space by eliminating the need for a separate TV unit in the bedroom. For single people, it's an intimate retreat to unwind with favourite shows and films.

The design of these beds also ensures a sleek, clutter-free look. The cleverly concealed wiring management system maintains the aesthetic appeal of your room. And here at TV Beds Northwest, we like to take a TV Bed and add some magic to it…

So we're proud to take the Small Double TV bed concept a step further with The VOX TV Bed. This voice-activated bed redefines luxury and convenience, allowing you to command your TV to rise or lower with just your voice. No more searching for the remote; just lay back and let your voice control your entertainment.

Experience the magic of commanding your entertainment with The VOX's voice-activated TV mechanism. Say goodbye to fumbling for remotes and embrace the future where your voice brings your TV to life. Enjoy effortless control with a multi-function control pad at your fingertips. Whether you want to raise the TV, lower it, or adjust other settings, this control pad is the maestro to your symphony of relaxation.

Stay connected without ever leaving your bed, thanks to the integrated USB/USBC charging points. Power your devices while you unwind, making sure you're always ready for the world. Dive into your favourite shows or movies without disruption, courtesy of our quiet function mechanism. No more irritating hums or clunks - just pure, uninterrupted entertainment.

House your TV in a slim foot end, accommodating screens from 20" to 43". This sleek design ensures your TV bed remains a stylish addition to your room, encapsulating luxury in every corner. The VOX, offering a blend of innovative technology and sophisticated aesthetics, is redefining comfort for the modern lifestyle, all as a small but perfectly formed, small double TV Bed.

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