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Everything you wanted to know about watching TV in bed

We love TV beds - we wouldn't be called TV Beds Northwest if we didn't! But we also realise that a TV Bed might not be for everyone but most people love watching TV in bed. So we have used our years of experience to take look at some of the key questions people may have about having a TV in their bedroom (and of course TV beds!). So if you are keen to learn more - let's dive in!

First up what's the best position to watch TV in bed? Well there's no one size fits all answer but generally, it's best to have the TV at a viewing height that is comfortable for you - so if it's too low or high you will quickly get neck and back pain. The ideal TV position should also take into account TV size, seat distance from the TV and room layout.

We mentioned the size of the TV above. So what's the optimum size of TV for a bedroom? Well, it really does depend on the size of your bedroom. But as a general rule, TVs over 42 inches are considered too big for an average bedroom and over 60 inches are likely to be too big for any room. A TV that is over 42 inches will be too big for a TV Bed, for instance. Also, bear in mind if you are installing your own TV in a TV bed, make sure it fits to the manufacturer's specifications. 


Speaking of TV beds is it worth getting one? TV Beds are great and offer lots of advantages. TV beds combine the comfort of a bed with the convenience of a TV stand - so you don't need to buy two pieces of furniture for the same room. They are also more comfortable than many beds as they have built-in padded headboards which support your neck and back. TV beds also come in different sizes, and materials and can even have built-in TV lift systems. So TV beds are definitely worth considering if you're looking for a TV solution for your bedroom.

Many people can't fall asleep without watching TV. In the past, this used to be a bad thing but most modern TV now has very low power consumption so they don't draw too much electricity. Many modern TVs also now have a mode which automatically turns off the TV if it hasn't been interacted with in an hour or so.

Some people believe that watching TV before bed can be bad for you. But watching TV can be beneficial for relaxation and helping you to wind down. Of course, the TV should not replace other activities such as reading books or magazines so a blend of both is often best.

We hope you found this piece useful when making the decision on whether TV beds are for you. TV beds offer a comfortable and convenient way to watch TV in bed - just make sure you get the correct size TV and position it correctly to avoid any neck or back pain. So why not take a look at our range of TV beds today and see if there's one that fits your needs?





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