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Fireworks aren't for everyone - keep your best friends safe this weekend

We hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the fireworks, however as animal lovers please give a thought for our little four legged best friends this weekend.
If you have pets, here are a few tips to hopefully help keep them calm should they struggle with the scary noises.
🎆Keep your pets secure inside your home. - Dogs will try to escape the scary sounds even in fenced gardens.
🎆Give them a safe place to hide. - Set up a comfortable room or crate just for them. Cover a table with a blanket, somewhere dark and secure for them to feel safe.
🎆Drown or mask out the noise. - A radio or TV Playing comforting music works well. Classic FM will be airing a special dogs calming program.
🎆Keep them busy. - Treat toys like Kongs can help distract them.
🎆Calming Jackets - We have found a calming jacket helps our chunky butt Amber. It provide gentle and constant pressure on your dogs body which helps calm them down.
🎆Update their Microchip and ID. - (just in case)
🎆Skip the celebration and stay home with them. - Just being with your best friend will make all the difference. Your presence is a comfort when they get anxious.
🎆Finally if needed, speak to your veterinarian for medical options.
So enjoy your weekend, stay safe, have a good time and keep an eye on our best friends...
 Amber Pep Webb - 5 years 
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