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A Free TV with the ultimate TV Bed the Titan and Walkworth TV Bedframe .

TV Beds Northwest are offering a promotional deal that you simply can't miss. If you've ever dreamt of enhancing your bedroom with the perfect blend of comfort and technology, now is your opportunity. With every TV bed purchase, we'll give you a free smart TV. 

But this isn't just any television; it's designed to provide an unparalleled viewing experience. The LG Smart TV which features Active HDR technology with Dynamic Colour, and Virtual Surround Plus, it will elevate Full-HD viewing to a whole new level. Its state-of-the-art Quad Core Processor supports advanced picture processing, providing you with the crispest and brightest images, making your favourite films and shows feel more lifelike than ever before. Perfect for watching your favourite films or TV show in your state-of-the-art TV Bed.

The LG smart TV with webOS technology ensures that your viewing choices are limitless. Whether you're in the mood for the latest Netflix series, want to catch up on YouTube, this smart TV makes it all easily accessible right from your bed.

The design is contemporary and the features are meticulously tailored to provide smarter yet simpler viewing experiences. At TV Beds Northwest, we believe in delivering the ultimate luxury and convenience to our customers. So don't let this opportunity pass you by. If you have been thinking about a TV bed make this weekend the weekend where you can make it a reality.  Shop online or in store and be sure not to miss this deal. Shop All TV beds now

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