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How a luxury TV bed really works

In a world where every nook and cranny of our living spaces is increasingly multifunctional, the art of combining relaxation with technology is worth looking into. Enter the TV bed— the ultimate combination of style, function, and, in the case of the Belsay Dolby Atmos Media Bed, pure luxury. So we have decided to examine the features of the Kaydian Atmos Media Bed in more detail so you can understand how a luxury TV bed really works.

Setting Up Your Sleep Sanctuary:

Once the Belsay is assembled in your room, you'll first notice its sturdy frame and the plush feel of the grey fabric headboard. But the bed's real genius lies in the interplay between its design and the technology embedded within it...

Diving into the Sound Experience:

If you are a regular cinema goer you will know that Dolby is the name in film audio entertainment so Kaydian, naturally, wanted the partner with the best for this premium TV Bed.  And, the Dolby Atmos surround sound system is what sets this bed apart. Here's how it works:

Positioning: The speakers are strategically placed to create an immersive audio landscape around the user.

Activation: Connect your device via Bluetooth. As you play music or a movie, the sound is channeled through the bed’s surround system, delivering a cinema-like audio experience.

Fine-tuning: Adjust the volume or tweak settings as per your preference, ensuring each auditory experience is tailored to your liking.

Staying Connected:

Beyond sound, the Belsay keeps you connected in multiple ways:

Powering Up: Use the two USB A/C ports on the side to charge your devices overnight.

Media Streaming: With HDMI connections, you can link game consoles or streaming devices directly to your TV, ensuring a seamless media experience.

Wireless Streaming: Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music or podcasts from your phone or tablet, directly through the bed’s sound system.

TV Time:

A quiet mechanism at the foot of the bed houses a space for your 43" TV. Here's how you enjoy it:

Lifting: With a press of the remote, the TV silently rises, positioning itself for optimal viewing.

Viewing: Whether it’s late-night movies or morning news, enjoy a clear, unobstructed view from the comfort of your bed.

Retracting: Once done, another press neatly tucks the TV away, maintaining the bed’s sleek look.

A Sustainable Choice:

Crafted with sustainable materials, every aspect of the Belsay is environmentally conscious, ensuring you can rest easy not just in comfort, but with the knowledge that your bed is a nod to responsible choices.

In essence, the Belsay Dolby Atmos Media Bed from Kaydian Design is more than just a place to sleep. It's an integrated entertainment system, thoughtfully designed for modern lifestyles. So as you settle down down each night, you can rest assured you're not just going to bed—you’re stepping into a realm of relaxation and entertainment, which you can tailor, just the way you like. 

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