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How to assemble a TV Bed - an ultimate guide

So you have just invested in a TV bed, and believe us, you won't regret it. All of our TV Beds come with extensive instructions so which are pretty easy to follow, even for the novice DIY'er, but we thought we'd put together this handy little guide for how you can install a TV bed painlessly, along with some other tips and tricks. This guide is not intended to replace your instruction manual, but rather to supplement it so always check your instruction manual! 

TV beds are a great way to combine relaxation and entertainment in one package. Whether you want to get the best picture for your favourite films or just have an easier way to watch TV in bed, these beds provide all of that flexibility. The installation process is quite simple, but it's important to take your time. Before you begin let's go through a basic checklist. First up, and this may sound obvious, are you going to build the bed in the room it's going to live in? You may have noticed that a TV Bed is pretty big...

The right tools for the job

First up take the time to read and understand the instructions thoroughly to avoid any unexpected issues. Then ensure you have all the necessary tools and parts and check that nothing is missing. Typically you will need:

  • A screwdriver
  • Allen Keys
  • A tape measure

Always follow the instructions provided with the bed you choose as the assembly method may differ depending on the bed model. If possible, it's recommended to have two people assemble a TV bed for easier assembly.

Prepare the bedroom for installation

Before you begin, it's important to make sure the room is ready for installation. Remove as much furniture and other items from the room that could be in the way. You'll also want to check that there is enough space around the bed for both assembly and access in case anything needs to be adjusted later on. This is where your tape measure becomes essential! Our suggestion is to create a map of your workspace that measures 2.5 meters by 2.5 meters. If you're concerned about your flooring getting damaged, you may want to place a protective mat or sheet down.

Assembling and installing the TV Bed

Start by carefully unpacking the bed frame and following the instructions provided. Ensure you take your time to fit each part correctly. Some parts may require tightening or loosening so use a screwdriver or Allen keys for this purpose as specified in the instructions. When laying out frame components it's important not to mix up any pieces, as some may be mirror images of each other.

Next, it's time to mount the TV bracket. This can be done either on the wall or ceiling opposite your bed, depending on which type of TV bed you've chosen. The instructions will provide details as to how to do this properly. Once secured in place, attach the TV and check for stability and ensure nothing is loose.

Testing and adjusting the TV Bed

Once the TV bed is built and installed it's time to check for any potential issues. First, ensure that all connections are tight and secure so nothing moves or wobbles when in use. Also, test out the remote controls to adjust the angle of the bed if needed, as well as any other tech features.

Enhance your TV Bed experience

Many TV beds are now more like a full multi-media unit, so as well as the TV they come with speakers and sub-woofers, so now is the time to give them a test. Connect them to your TV and sound system or Bluetooth devices such as smartphones or tablets. You can then adjust the sound settings to get the best audio experience for you and your family.

Maintenance and care tips

A TV bed is a big investment so it's important to make sure it lasts as long as possible. Whenever possible, move the bed frame away from direct sunlight to avoid any premature fading. Also, avoid putting heavy items on the bed as this could cause damage. Clean the metal components with a cloth and warm soapy water if needed and dust off any fabric or leather parts using a soft brush attachment for your vacuum cleaner. We wrote a piece recently about maintaining and cleaning your TV bed if you want to know more.

Our customers also asked:

What type of TV Bed should I buy?

This is a matter of personal choice and budget. We have a wide range of TV Beds to suit most budgets and styles, so take your time browsing the collection.

Can I move my TV bed once it's built?

It isn't recommended as these beds are quite large and heavy. If you do need to move it, it's best to take it apart and reassemble it in the new location.

What type of screws should I use to assemble my bed?

The screws that come with your bed are specifically designed for this purpose so make sure you use them.

And there you have it - a complete guide on how to assemble a TV bed We hope this guide has been useful and you enjoy many years of happy viewing. If you have any questions on our range of TV beds or mattresses please feel free to chat to us online or in our state-of-the-art showroom.

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