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Smart Beds - The Future is now

TV Beds Northwest is proud to lead the transformation of the bedroom experience, combining luxury with convenience. We are at the forefront of bedroom innovation with our smart TV beds, envisioning a world where your bed is not merely a place to sleep, but a hub of high-tech convenience. Our standout product, The Vox, a voice-activated TV bed, epitomises this futuristic vision. And though The Vox is a snip (starting at only £595) it certainly packs a technological punch way above its price tag.

A smart bed, as the name suggests, is an innovation beyond traditional sleeping solutions. It encompasses a range of features designed to enhance your lifestyle. Picture this: a bed equipped not only to store your TV discreetly but also boasts a built-in surround sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and, of course, the capacity to accommodate a full-sized TV. Many of the beds we currently stock (like the Titan, by Kaydian) bring all these elements together, offering a cinematic experience right in the comfort of your bedroom.



But we envisage a time soon when a smart TV bed isn't just about entertainment. They’ll be about personal well-being too. We can foresee smart beds coming integrated with sleep monitoring technology, using sensors to track your nightly habits, providing insights into heart rate and sleep quality. We think a smart bed could also offer temperature regulation for year-round comfort, adjustable frames for personalised sleep settings, and connectivity to other smart devices in your home (such as your Apple Watch or Fitbit). 

But back to the hear and now the features of a smart TV bed like The Titan extend beyond the luxurious features. It transforms your bedroom into a multi-functional space, blending relaxation with entertainment seamlessly. Whether you're enjoying a movie night or seeking a restful sleep, The Titan adapts to your needs, offering an unrivalled bedroom experience, especially if you are looking to maximise the space in your bedroom as well as the number of hours you sleep. 

At TV Beds Northwest, we understand the importance of value. While some smart beds come with hefty price tags, we believe in providing cutting-edge technology at an affordable price. Our range, especially The Vox, is designed to be accessible, ensuring that the luxury and convenience of a smart TV bed are within reach for everyone.

TV Beds Northwest envisions a future where the bedroom becomes the hub of IoT technologies. Imagine a world where voice activation, as seen in The Vox, merges seamlessly with the advanced features of models like the Titan, which boasts Bluetooth connectivity, immersive sound systems, and more. This confluence of technologies, from sleep monitoring to smart device integration, will redefine our sleeping spaces, turning them into hubs of personalised comfort and entertainment. At TV Beds Northwest, we are at the forefront of this revolution, continually innovating to bring you the ultimate in smart bed technology.

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