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Your quirky TV beds questions answered

We at TV Beds Northwest love it when you ask us some of your unusual questions. We've decided to gather some of the more left field but very important questions we have got from customers recently because more than anything we want to help you get the most out of your TV Bed. 

Should I Cover My TV at Night?

Generally, TV Beds are designed to keep your television protected when it's not in use. Most of our TV Beds at TV Beds Northwest come with a neat mechanism that allows the TV to retract into the foot of the bed when you're not watching. This means your TV is safe and sound from dust or any possible harm. So, in answer to this question, no, you don't need to cover your TV at night. It’s snug and safe at the bottom of your TV bed. 

Does a TV Bed Need an Aerial?

Next up on the question list, do TV Beds need an aerial? Well, it depends on your choice of viewing. If you want to watch Freeview channels, then you'd need an aerial just like with any regular TV. But if you’re more into streaming services like Netflix, Prime, or catch-up TV, then all you need is a good Wi-Fi connection. Either way, the setup is relatively straightforward and shouldn’t cause you any problems. 

Can You Change the TV in a TV Bed?

Can you change your socks? Of course, you can. And the same applies to your TV in a TV bed. If you fancy a larger screen or want to upgrade to a smart TV with all the bells and whistles, you absolutely can. Just make sure it fits the space available in your particular TV bed model so check the manual that came with your TV bed (or us) before you invest in a new TV for your TV bed. If you need any assistance, we're always here to help you with questions such as this. 

What is the Best Posture for Watching TV in Bed?

Now this one's important, folks. We're all about comfort, but we're even more about keeping your body healthy. The best posture is one where your head, neck, and spine are in alignment. Try to avoid slumping or hunching over. Adding extra pillows for support can work wonders. And remember, your mattress plays a big part too. So be sure to choose a supportive and comfortable one from our extensive range. We have also covered the question of perfect posture in your TV bed at length here

Can I Watch TV in Bed Without Disturbing My Partner?

One of the joys of a TV Bed is that you can enjoy your favourite late-night shows without disturbing your partner. Our TV Beds come with headphone sockets that make it a breeze to indulge in your guilty pleasures without waking your other half. You will also find that most TV beds now come with BlueTooth connectivity as standard so if you can simply use your AirPods (other models are available) to binge your latest box set whilst your partner sleeps. 

Can You Get a TV Bed with USB Charging?

Yes. Beds like the Kaydian Titan-2 Ottoman TV Bed come with USB ports to charge all of your connected devices, freeing up the plug sockets in your bedroom. 

We hope that this has helped answer some more of the less obvious questions you may have about TV beds. Whether you're already a TV Bed convert or considering investing in your first one here at TV Beds Northwest, always ready to answer any question that pops into your head. Let's make bedtime a whole lot more entertaining!

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