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Ten reasons to invest in a TV bed

If you're looking for a stylish, space-saving solution for your bedroom, then look no further than a Bed with a TV from TV Beds Northwest. With the latest technology and innovative design, these beds offer all the features of a home cinema without taking up valuable floor space.

So we thought we would list just ten of the reasons why, if you are considering a Bed with a TV, you should consider buying a TV Bed so without further ado let's dive in...

1. Bed with TV - The perfect space-saving solution: Beds with a TV are an ideal choice for those looking to save floor space, as they provide all the features of a home cinema within a stylish bed frame, especially our fantastic range of Ottoman TV beds.

2. Customisable Bed with TV: Beds with a TV are highly customisable, so you can find the perfect size and colour to suit your existing bedroom décor. From double to the super king with a great range of colours and fabrics.

3. Convert your Bedroom into a Cinema Room: By opting for a Bed with a TV you can easily turn your bedroom into a home cinema for those cosy movie nights. 

4. Hide Wires and Cables: Bed frames with a TV are designed to hide any unsightly wires and cables, giving a neat and professional-looking finish.

5. Affordable: Beds with TVs start from less than £1000, so you can enjoy the benefits of a bedroom cinema without breaking the bank.
6. Bed with TV - Space-saving and Functional: With a Bed with a TV, you can benefit from both space-saving and functionality as the television is neatly incorporated into the bed frame.

7. Get the full Media Package in One Piece of Furniture: Our Bed with TVs provides you with a combined media package in one piece of furniture. Enjoy the latest films or listen to your favourite music, all from the comfort of your Bed with a TV.

8. Enjoy weekend lies-ins: Weekend lie-ins have become a lot more relaxed with Bed with TVs, as you can enjoy watching movies and listening to music without leaving the comfort of your Bed with a TV.

9.Extra Storage: Beds with TVs are also great for those looking for extra storage, as you can store your cables, remotes and books in the bed frame itself.

10. They're cool!: And last but not least, a Bed with a TV in it just looks cool - perfect for modern and stylish bedrooms.

So, there you have it! Ten great things you will love about Bed with a TV from TV Beds Northwest. With the latest technology, innovative design and a great range of sizes and colours available, these Beds with TVs make the perfect addition to any bedroom. So feel free to come to our showroom or chat to us online if you need any help with your TV bed-buying journey. And, if you're still not convinced we have produced this handy little guide to help you.

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