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The Ultimate Ottoman TV Bed

The Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV bed offers a level of quality that is hard to find in other ottoman beds on the market. It's crafted from premium, durable materials that have been carefully chosen to ensure it lasts for many years. The construction and look of the bed exude sophistication, making it perfect for any bedroom. The Ottoman mechanism is incredibly smooth, allowing you to easily lift the bed and store away items when not in use.

In addition to its strong construction, the Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV bed offers outstanding comfort. The mattress support system provides excellent posture support and stability so you can enjoy restful sleep for years to come. An advanced air circulation system and high-quality foam also provide superior comfort and breathability, making this Ottoman TV bed an excellent choice for those who need a quality sleeping environment.

For the ultimate in Ottoman TV beds, you can't go wrong with the Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV bed. It's exclusive to so make sure to check us out first if you're looking for a luxurious Ottoman TV bed. With its superior design, construction and comfort features, the Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV bed is the perfect choice for anyone that wants luxury combined with quality craftsmanship and, of course, the latest state-of-the-art tech.

Why is this Ottoman TV Bed superior to anything similar you will find on the market? The sophisticated Titan multimedia bed frame captivates with its sleek lines and elegant button effect headboard. With a smooth operating system designed to fit up to a 43” screen (dimensions and port requirements may vary if you are using your own TV), the Titan is the ideal choice for an immersive surround sound experience. Boasting 16 directional speakers, a 4.1 channel amplifier, multi-function remote control, and BlueTooth connectivity – this state-of-the-art media centre will transform your bedroom into your personal haven of entertainment. Each side of the Titan head end is equipped with a USB port and a headphone and AUX socket.

To maximise space in the modern home, we collaborated with Kaydian Design to create an exclusive easy lift ottoman storage feature just for TV Beds Northwest. The Titan is not only stylish but also serves as a great way to store and hide away your television until you're ready to relax. With one simple press of a button, it activates its whisper quiet mechanism that lifts up the TV so you can enjoy optimal viewing angles while enjoying surround sound or plugging into the headphone socket for more intimate moments.

We appreciate that buying a bed is a big decision. And buy choosing the Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV bed you can rest assured that you have made the right one. So why not contact us today to discuss our latest deals?

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