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TV Beds - an ultimate guide

Welcome to a revolution in bedroom comfort and entertainment - the TV bed. At TV Beds Northwest, we specialise in blending cutting-edge technology with the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Whether you're looking to save space or indulge in the luxury of watching your favourite shows in bed, we've got the perfect solution. First up, let's find out what exactly a TV Bed is.

Understanding TV Beds

What Are TV Beds?

TV beds are the ultimate statement when it comes to bedroom furniture, featuring a built-in space at the foot of the bed to house a television. With the push of a button, your TV rises for viewing pleasure and retracts when not in use. So in simple terms, a TV bed is simply a bed with a TV in the footboard. But like all beds, TV beds come in many different styles…

Types of TV Beds

From the classic double TV beds perfect for couples to the space-saving ottoman TV beds offering extra storage, there's a style for everyone. We sell a huge range of TV beds which are designed to work in bedrooms of all shapes and sizes


Are TV Beds Right for You?

Advantages of a TV Bed

TV beds offer unparalleled convenience, allowing you to maximize space without sacrificing style. Enjoy the built-in speakers that create an immersive audio experience, perfect for movie nights or relaxing with your favourite podcast.

Safety and Durability

Safety is paramount in our design. Our TV beds are built with the highest quality materials, ensuring durability and a secure mechanism for your peace of mind.

Common TV Bed Concerns

Addressing Potential Problems

We understand that technology can sometimes be fickle, which is why TV Beds Northwest provides comprehensive support to address any mechanical or electronic concerns quickly and efficiently. We also wrote this piece about how you can trouble shoot many problems with your TV bed

Maintenance Tips

Keep your TV bed in tip-top shape with regular maintenance.  In this blog we guide you through simple steps to keep your TV bed squeaky clean and in tip-top condition. 

Choosing Your Perfect TV Bed

Features to Consider

When selecting your luxury TV bed, consider the size, style, and type of mattress you prefer. Look for features that enhance your experience, such as a high-quality speaker system or a bed frame with a TV lift for added elegance.

How to Shop for a TV Bed

We offer a range of TV beds, including the Kaydian Ottoman TV bed (which we are the exclusive distributor of) which is the ultimate statement stylish design and quality materials. Our experts are on hand to help you find the perfect match for your needs.


Enhancing Your Bedroom with a TV Bed

Integrating a TV Bed into Your Space

A TV bed isn't just functional; it's a statement piece that can transform your bedroom. We'll help you select a bed that complements your interior design, ensuring it becomes a seamless part of your personal sanctuary. And if space is a consideration a TV bed can be a great space saving solution

Accessorising Your TV Bed

Accessorise your TV bed with our selection of frames, headboards, and mattresses, each designed to enhance your comfort and viewing experience.

TV Beds Northwest is committed to providing a combination of luxury, comfort, and technology. With our extensive range of TV beds, you're sure to find the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom.

Visit our showroom or browse our selection online to discover how a TV bed can change the way you think about bedroom comfort. For more information or to request a demonstration, contact us today, and step into the future of bedroom design at the home of Northwest's Best TV Beds.

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