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TV Beds by Kaydian - the difference is quality

When it comes to buying a TV bed there is a huge amount of choices on the market. But like any piece of furniture, you pay your money and make your choice. In this piece, we'll explore why all TV beds are not created equally. But first, let's remind ourselves of what a TV bed is. A TV bed is an ingenious piece of furniture that combines a luxury bed with the convenience of having a flat-screen television tucked away easily at the end of your bed frame. It's perfect for those who like to watch movies and shows in their bedroom or simply want to add some extra space-saving features to their room.

Like any piece of furniture, the quality of TV beds can differ greatly, especially when it comes to the wood they are made from.  Hardwood is always a better choice than chipboard as it is much more durable and will last longer. The good news is that Kaydian, who makes some of the best TV beds on the market, is committed to using only hardwood in all their designs. You may also be interested to know that we are the exclusive distributor of their Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV Bed

Another important factor when it comes to quality is the electronic components used in a TV bed.  Cheaper components can significantly reduce the lifespan of a TV bed, but Kaydian once again are committed to using only high-quality electronic parts.

Finally, the quality of a product is also determined by the level of commitment that goes into making it. This includes having ethical factories and supply chains. The Malaysian factory owned by Kaydian, a British company, is certified by internationally recognised authorities as a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative. This means it has been audited, has adopted a code of labour practice and follows ethical standards. Kaydian believes it's not enough to just make a quality product, it's also important to ensure that the product is made with social responsibility in mind. Kaydian has committed to following ethical practices throughout its manufacturing and supply chain process, making sure that all its products are of the highest standards.

Sustainability is also at the heart of what Kaydian believe in. Their packaging is 70% recyclable Kaydian is striving to increase this number through their continued research and development. Additionally, all the wood used in Kaydian products comes from sustainable forests in accordance with the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) of 2013.


To wrap up, when buying a TV bed it is essential to consider not just the features but the quality of the materials, components and processes used to make it. With Kaydian you can be sure that your TV bed is made with quality hardwood, high-quality electronics and ethical practices in mind.  This ensures that your TV bed will last for years to come.  So choose wisely and invest in a TV bed from Kaydian and be wary of cheap imitations.

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