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TV Beds - The Ultimate Merge of Comfort and Entertainment - and bang on trend for 2024

The bedroom has always been a sanctuary, a place of relaxation, and an escape from the world. And now we're witnessing how technology, when used correctly in our sanctuaries is changing the game when it comes to comfort. And the TV Bed is at the forefront of of this wave of comfort innovation and will be on trend for ‘24. 

What is a TV Bed?

A TV bed, as the name suggests, cleverly integrates a television into the frame of a bed. With a push of a button, the TV rises and enables you to watch your favourite films or TV shows.  TV Beds like the Kaydian Titan have become synonymous with luxury, convenience, and modern living.

The rising demand for TV Beds 

The appeal of having a cinematic experience in the comfort of one's bedroom has led to a surge in the demand for TV beds. Many homeowners, especially when space is at a premium need a bed that serves two purposes – the decluttered aesthetic by day and the entertainment hub by night. 


Features to Look for in the Perfect TV Bed

Storage Compartments: Ideal for storing remote controls, gaming consoles, and other equipment.TV Beds Northwest are the only distributor of the Kaydian Titan Ottoman - the pinnacle of luxury and practicality. 

Adjustable Mechanisms: Customise your viewing angle for maximum comfort. We have noticed more and more manufacturers are creating adjustable TV Beds, which will definitely be a trend to watch for 2024. 

Built-in Speakers: For an immersive audio experience.

Durability and Style: Choose designs that complement your room and are built to last.

Bedroom Trends of 2024

Tech-Integrated Living: The 2024 bedroom isn't just about sleep. With voice assistants integrated into beds like The VOX and BlueTooth as standard across most media beds.


Space-Saving Designs: With many homes becoming more compact, dual-purpose furniture like TV beds does the space saving heavy lifting in the bedroom. 

Sustainable Choices: TV Beds Northwest is a key distributor for Kaydian who put quality and sustainability at the heart of their production processes. 

Personalisation and Customisation: From fabric choices to storage options, the modern consumer wants a bed that's uniquely theirs, which is why we’re proud to stock a huge range of sizes and materials. 

The Focus on Wellness: With an emphasis on mental well-being, the bedroom serves as a retreat. TV beds, with their luxury and convenience will deliver enhance on the sanctuary experience.

Space, style, and functionality should guide your choice. Measure your room, decide on the size of the TV you want, and consider your bedroom's colour palette. Then explore the huge range we stock so you can find your perfect TV Bed with us for 2024 and well beyond.  

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