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TV beds Vs. Media Beds - what's the difference?

Today, we want to compare two of the leading choices for tech-savvy sleepers: media beds and TV beds. Both of these options can elevate the way you relax and entertain in the bedroom, but which one aligns best with your needs? Let's break it down.

Introducing the Media Bed

When we talk about media beds, we refer to beds designed to be an all-encompassing media hub. 

Integrated Technology: Our media beds come equipped with not just a TV, but also speakers, sub-woofers and charging ports. 
Sound Systems: We ensure you get the best sound experience by integrating surround sound or built-in speakers right within the bed.
Connectivity: To keep up with modern needs, we offer Bluetooth connectivity, allowing seamless connection of devices to play music or videos.
Extra Features: We understand the need for space. Hence why some of our media beds come with extra under-bed storage making them Ottoman media beds.
The ultimate goal? To create a haven of relaxation and entertainment right in your bedroom.

A Look at the TV Bed

Now, if you're someone who loves a minimalist approach but still wants that touch of luxury, our TV beds might be your match:

Focused Feature: As the name suggests, our TV beds have a special space for a television, often at the foot, which can be hidden or displayed using a smooth mechanism.
Simple and Elegant: While we do integrate features like charging ports or occasional speakers, the emphasis is on the TV experience. It’s about enjoying your favourite shows or movies without cluttering the bedroom with additional furniture.

That said, even TV Beds are now coming with some funky features, like the voice activated TV Bed, The VOX (below)...

Spotting the Differences - TV  Beds vs. Media beds

Feature Range: Our media beds have an expansive array of tech functionalities. In contrast, TV beds from TV Beds Northwest spotlight the television experience.
Investment: Given the tech integrations, media beds come at a premium compared to a TV bed
Set-up Simplicity: TV beds are more straightforward in terms of setup, while media beds may be a little more complex to assemble on account of their extra features
Profile: Considering the tech inclusions, media beds can be bulkier, while TV beds maintain a sleeker profile.

Whether you're leaning towards the all-in-one entertainment experience of our media beds or the elegant simplicity of our TV beds, we at TV Beds Northwest are here to guide and support your choice. After all, we’re all about enhancing your relaxation and entertainment right in the comfort of your bedroom.

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