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Are TV Beds worth it? Yes. Here's why...

There's been considerable buzz around the TV beds for a few years now. Beyond just being a trend, TV beds are now a reflection of lifestyle and priorities. The TV beds we stock exemplify a commitment to luxury, convenience, and smart living. Yet, the question many people will ask is ‘Are TV Beds worth it?’. Spoiler alert - the answer is Yes. We have examined The Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV Bed, one of the finest TV Beds on the market so you can see why. 

Bridging Entertainment and Comfort

For any avid entertainment enthusiast, sound quality is paramount and a TV bed can be the hub of innovative Home Entertainment. A standalone 4.1 surround sound system boasting 3D and high-definition audio doesn't come cheap, often nudging past the £300 mark for a mid-range model. The Kaydian Titan takes sound to a different level. This isn't about just having speakers; it's about the intricate placement of 16 directional speakers within the headboard and footboard, complemented by a formidable built-in subwoofer. Furthermore, connectivity isn't an afterthought. From iPhone compatibility to dual headphone sockets, the Titan ensures your audio experience is both immersive and personalised. And if that’s not enough here are some more reasons to buy the Kaydian Titan Ottoman

Space and Storage: A Modern Necessity

In today's homes, space is as valuable as any premium amenity. Consider the value of beds with a gas lift ventilated mattress base—combining the benefits of space-saving with mattress longevity. Individually, such beds can command prices around £500. The Titan doesn't just incorporate this, but elevates it, integrating storage seamlessly without compromising aesthetics.


Kaydian Titan Ottoman

Thinking of Going Modular?

The appeal of buying components separately is understandable. You get to choose and perhaps feel like you're saving. But once you start accumulating the costs of a quality sound system, a durable storage bed, and other tech features, it’s easy to amass costs of £800 or more. Then factor in the effort of sourcing, matching, and setting up these components. The Kaydian Titan offers an alternative: a singular unit where every feature is synchronised for optimal performance. Add its ability to snugly fit a 43″ TV, and you've got a central hub perfect for unwinding, entertainment, intense gaming sessions and, of course, sleeping! 

A Closer Look at Value

When you lay out the pros, the numbers, and the sheer convenience, the value of the Kaydian Titan Ottoman TV Bed becomes evident. It's not just about potential savings, but also about introducing a piece of innovative luxury into your living space. Each feature of the Titan has been thoughtfully integrated, ensuring that it doesn’t just perform its primary function but has been tried and tested to work with every other component in the bed in perfect synchronicity. 

In a world where we're constantly seeking to optimise, to get the best value for our investments, and to ensure our living spaces reflect our lifestyles, the Kaydian Titan makes a compelling case. Whether you're tech-savvy, a movie buff, or someone who values smart design, this TV bed seems more than just a purchase—it’s a lifestyle upgrade, view our range of comfortable and stylish TV Beds or visit us in store today. 

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