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Do TV Beds come with a sound bar?

You’ve heard of TV beds, but what about a TV bed with a sound bar? While a basic sound bar may suffice for some, at TV Beds Northwest, we believe your TV bed should be an all-inclusive experience. Our flagship model, the Titan 2 Ottoman TV bed by Kaydian, not only comes with an integrated sound bar, but it's built with a state-of-the-art surround sound system that truly brings the cinema experience into the comfort of your bedroom.

Unlike TV beds equipped with just a sound bar, the Titan Ottoman 2 offers a comprehensive 4.1 surround sound system that creates an immersive, cinematic experience. With 3D surround sound, the system projects high-definition audio from all corners of the bed. The difference is like comparing a black and white television with a 4K Ultra HD screen - there's simply no contest.

What sets the Titan Ottoman 2 apart is its attention to audio detail. The bed is fitted with a built-in sub-woofer for rich, deep bass sounds, while 8 directional speakers are integrated into both the headboard and footboard. This extensive speaker system ensures that the sound reaches you evenly, regardless of your position on the bed. What's more, the balance control speaker system allows you to easily adjust bass, treble and volume to your preference via an integrated remote control with visible sound levels.

Understanding the importance of personal space and comfort, Kaydian has also included standard headphone sockets on both sides of the headboard. This thoughtful feature lets you enjoy your favourite shows or music without disturbing your partner. Additionally, the bed comes with USB chargers on either side of the headboard, making it convenient to keep your devices charged up and within arm's reach.

But what's a sound system without easy connectivity? The Titan Ottoman 2 is designed with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to effortlessly pair your smartphone or other devices with the bed's sound system.

Lastly, the Titan Ottoman 2 is not just a luxury TV bed. It's a practical solution for modern living, offering under bed storage with a gas lift ottoman ventilated mattress base. And it comfortably holds up to a 43” TV, making it the complete package of comfort, entertainment, and style. And rest assured you will not find the Titan Ottoman on the market with any other TV Bed supplier in the country. 

In conclusion, if you're considering a TV bed with just a sound bar, it may be time to rethink. TV Beds Northwest provides a superior alternative in the Titan Ottoman 2, a TV bed designed to provide not just a place for relaxation, but an immersive experience that engages all the senses. With its outstanding sound system and host of additional features, we believe it sets the benchmark for what a TV bed should be.

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