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What size TV for your TV bed (and more of your questions answered)

We care about our customers here at TV Beds Northwest, so much so that we recently wrote a piece about the perfect posture for watching TV in bed. But it turns out this was the tip of the iceberg in terms of our customer's questions, so we wrote this about some of the more quirky questions we get asked about TV beds. It just so happens though there is more that you want to know about how to watch TV in bed, so let's dive right in and slake that thirst for TV bed knowledge!


First up let's remind ourselves of what the best position is to watch TV in bed. While the exact position is up to you as an individual, it has been recommended that sitting upright in a reclined position is the best way to watch television. This allows for your neck and back to be supported in such a way that both your head and feet are at similar heights - reducing any strain on those areas of the body. So far so good - if it feels comfortable, it probably is.


Next up, what is the best size TV for watching TV in bed (in a TV bed or not)? Up until around five years ago, the standard TV bed size was 32". Now, as TVs have got lighter, flatter and thinner the standard TV size most of the beds we sell fit is 43". So, which is best? Well, it really depends on the size of your bedroom and how close or far away you want to sit from the TV. A bit like the best position to watch TV in a bed, the size of the TV for your TV bed is a personal decision. A word of warning though if you are considering changing the TV your TV bed came with, please check with the manufacturer to make sure it fits!


So, some customers have also asked us what is the best pillow for watching TV in a TV bed. Well assuming you like to watch TV in an upright position, rather than lying down we hear the Casper Backrest pillow is the one to get. It has a unique design that allows you to lean back while also providing support for your neck and head. The pillow is also made of breathable fabric, which helps avoid any discomfort after extended periods of time in the same position.


Finally, we get asked when should you stop watching TV before bed. After all, if it's too close to bedtime then the 'blue light' omitted from a screen can affect your circadian rhythm (if you are susceptible to that sort of thing). So what is the answer? Well, the general consensus is that it's best to stop watching TV around an hour before bed, so you can relax your body and mind for a good night's sleep. But the truth is, it depends - some people can nod off five minutes after turning the TV off, while others can't.


So there you have it! We hope this blog post has answered some of those burning questions about TVs in beds. Remember: if you're looking for that perfect TV bed then look no further than TV Beds Northwest - we've got the biggest and best range of luxury Kaydian TV beds in the country and a state-of-the-art showroom if you want to come and check them out for yourself and ask us some weird questions about TV beds - or just to buy one!


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