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About Us:

Welcome to the world of TV Beds Northwest, where our passion for quality sleep and innovative technology design has been the driving force since our establishment in 2008. Originating as a small family-run business in Bury, Manchester under the name Bury Beds, we started with the humble sale of bunk beds, divan beds and mattresses in our local community.

Over the years, our family journey has been marked by growth and evolution but it was in 2013, that we recognised the changing landscape of the bed industry so we strategically transitioned into the world of TV bed frames. Since then, we are proud to have become specialists for all TV beds that seamlessly integrate technology and style in the UK.

Still after all these years at the heart of our business, lies a deep commitment to providing not only exceptional service but also the finest products on the market. We recognise that a great customer service alone is not enough – it must be complemented by superior products.

With this in mind, we owe a significant portion of our success to our esteemed suppliers, with a special acknowledgment to our invaluable partnership with Kaydian Design. Kaydian products use only the finest quality materials and this has been instrumental in elevating our products, placing them in a class above the rest. 

Our dedication to honesty and support still remains unwavering. Whether you're a loyal customer or a newcomer on the lookout for the perfect TV bed frame, we are committed to providing you with genuine guidance. Over the years, we've honed our expertise, ensuring that we stand as your go-to specialist source for TV Beds and the latest in cutting-edge technology.

As we celebrate 15 years, our dedication to keeping it in the family, both ours and yours, remains unwavering and we are proud to still be incorporating the latest style and technology while maintaining our commitment to being accessible, local, and affordable. 

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